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Realm of The Mad God Gold Hack

Realm of the mad god is a flash game which is very popular among youngsters. But such good games can often get hacked as well, and you don’t even get to know about the team who hacked it. Looking in to the past for instance, this game was hacked in 2010 by a team that

Why I Enjoy Movies but Never Watch TV

I have come to prefer watching movies over television. When precisely this shift in preference came about I cannot recall, but I suspect it was gradual and slow. Actually, truth be told, I almost never watch TV anymore, but I do still enjoy a good movie. Home Video It wasn’t always this way. I am

Understanding What an Ad Campaign Is

An advertising campaign is a particular strategy designed to advertise a cause, business, or merchandise that uses a deliberate and carefully coordinated chain of promotion tools to be able to reach the market. The end goal of any ad campaign is create demand and to foster knowledge of the subject matter. The precise arrangement of