One Simple Technique to Make Many Different Boxes

A holiday approaches, someone’s having a birhday – no matter what the occasion you have to go out to a certain store to purchase a nice gift box, right? That was the old days! Now that everyone in the world knows how to make gift boxes themselves it’s not necessary to purchase them! Not everyone knows how? Well, it’s really very simple. If you have a piece of cardboard you’re all set to make just the box you want!boxes

To make the perfect box you need to use a single piece of cardboard. Start with thin cardboard and the first box you ever make will turn out perfectly! Later, you can try your hand at some different types of gift boxes. Lay the cardboard on a flat surface and find a pattern you want to use.

A pattern can be anything that’s perfectly square, like the bottom of a saltines box. Or, you can draw a square on a piece of cardstock or paper and use it as the pattern for the new box. The most important thing is that the item you use is perfectly square.

Draw around the pattern to create a square in the middle of your cardboard. Now, place the pattern up against one outside wall of the square you just drew. Draw around it. Do this to all four sides of the original square. You should end up with a design that looks like a giant plus sign. Cut out the drawing and assemble the box!

Fold one of the outside squares over the center square and crease the fold really well. A heavy item, like a pair of scissors, can be used to run across the fold to really crease it. Do the same to the other three sides so that you’ve folded all the sides upwards.

Use paper tape to secure the corners. Cut four pieces and run them down the inside seams of the box. Do the same to the outside seams. You can also use glue to secure the seams.

To make a lid for the box draw a perfect square which is just the tiniest bit larger than the original square for the box itself. Cut the square in half – at least – to make the lid you want. Position this half-square on each side of the original square of the lid; draw around it to make the four sides. Fold, crease and tape or glue the sides as you did with the actual box.

Various boxes can be made by starting with a large square, a much smaller one, or even by covering the cardboard with paper or cloth. These gift boxes are perfect for giving jewelry, small gifts, large gifts – well, just about anything!